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Jul 31 2010

Polenta with Fresh Corn

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I love summer!! On Thursday night, when Grandma and WG joined us for dinner, I combined grilled steak with fresh, home made pesto. I’d never done that before. Why?! It was delicious. Forget sweet barbeque and steak sauces, which I rarely use. This is a combination that I will definitely make again. S also put […]

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Jul 02 2009

Kitchen Sink Salad

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With just the two of us at home, I haven’t had to do much grocery shopping and I don’t want to over buy and waste food. I happened to have a few ears of cooked corn left from our dinner party on Sunday night and we had some leftover meat and fish, that we brought […]

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Apr 02 2009

Quinoa, Yes. Fennel, No. Matzo Toffee, Oh, Yes!

Well, having the kids taste everything has paid off. Last night, quinoa got the thumbs up! Shocking and satisfying. I was sure that when I said, “Come on, just one bite,” I’d get the pinched up face, the rolling eyes. But, instead, I got the nodding head. From both girls, no less. One more food […]

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Mar 30 2009

Not Manly Enough

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I think I’ve figured out a couple of things after charring the boneless pork chops tonight. 1) S is a much better grill cook than I. He babysits his meats and vegetables on the grill and makes sure that everything that comes off of it is cooked to perfection. 2) I always wondered why grills […]

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