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Feb 20 2015

What’s for Dinner?

Bread alone? I could make a meal of it, but it isn’t what we’d have for dinner. Is it some sort of heady responsibility, being the one to decide what to have for dinner every night? It shouldn’t be. Still, I’ve been in such a funk with respect to deciding what to have for dinner. […]

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Jan 24 2015

Four+ New Recipes for the Files

I’ve made many recipes in the last few months. A few stick out as ones that I’d like to keep in my online memory. First is a recipe that I made for Rosh Hashanah, many moons ago. I was looking for an appetizer recipe that could be served with meat and was on the healthy […]

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Mar 23 2012

Lemon Bundt Cake

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It seems that I’ve been baking a lot lately. And, I’m not just baking. Really, I’m cooking too. Taking some pictures, not enough. I made Bahn Mi on Monday night using this recipe, but I replaced the pork with boneless, skinless chicken thighs, and we use avocado instead of pate (I’m not a liver lover). […]

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Sep 14 2010

Rolling Lettuce Chicken (Turkey)

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I know when a meal is a hit when L & J, within the first few bites, ask, “Can we have this in our lunch boxes tomorrow?” Tonight’s dinner was one of those recipes that was right on target. I am not a particularly good or adventuresome cook when it comes to Asian style food. […]

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Aug 26 2010

Paprika Roast Chicken with Sweet Onion

And, to go with the apple tart on this cold, blustery summer evening: Paprika Roast Chicken with Sweet Onion. I was re-organizing my very full recipe folder and found this recipe from the February 2009 issue of Gourmet (sniff, sniff). I looked it up on and found that it was highly rated. Excellent. Quick. […]

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Apr 14 2010

Teriyaki Chicken

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Last night I made something that I have never made before, strangely enough: Teriyaki Chicken. I love it. I order it when I am not in the mood for sushi at a Japanese style restaurant. I even bought a Trader Joe’s frozen chicken teriyaki for the girls’ lunches (very good, I might add). I was […]

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Jan 07 2010

Monday Yuck, Tuesday Yum

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Last Monday’s dinner – Orange Beef Str Fry – was, in a word, blah. The picture is way better than the taste of the dish. I’d had such hope for a recipe that was dog-eared long ago. L and S were generous and actually ate theirs. J was not so compliant and ate rice, then […]

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Jul 08 2009

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

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Make this! Vietnamese Chicken Salad is delicious! No batteries while I was cooking or eating and thus, no photos of the delicious salad. But you need to have fish sauce – pictured above. This salad was reminiscent in flavor to Green Papaya Salad. But, without the effort of trying to find green papayas and shred […]

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May 19 2009

Medium Well

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Last time I checked, chicken was still supposed to be fully cooked when it was served. Juicy, but well done. Oops. Last night, mine came out medium-well. I had to boost the finished product with a little zap time in the microwave. Not the best solution, but if you have to give your medium-well chicken […]

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Apr 02 2009

Quinoa, Yes. Fennel, No. Matzo Toffee, Oh, Yes!

Well, having the kids taste everything has paid off. Last night, quinoa got the thumbs up! Shocking and satisfying. I was sure that when I said, “Come on, just one bite,” I’d get the pinched up face, the rolling eyes. But, instead, I got the nodding head. From both girls, no less. One more food […]

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