Feb 14 2013

Strawberry Eclairs for Valentine’s Day

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I’m not a big Valentine’s Day celebrant. You should definitely treat every day as one to express your love, I think. Still, the food on Valentine’s Day is great and I’m never one to ignore a chance to bake something special. I made these mini strawberry eclairs today for staff appreciation day at L’s school. Parents bring in treats for the staff at her school on Valentine’s Day every year. A great tradition.

These are not gluten free, but could easily have been if I had made a GF choux pastry (like in the post I just did) and used a corn starch based pastry cream. With these, I just made a typical choux pastry (1 cup water, 1 stick unsalted butter, pinch salt, 1 cup flour, 5 eggs), piped it in 3-inch (or so) lines using a 1/2-inch pastry tip onto a parchment covered pan, and baked it at 400 degrees for 20-ish minutes. That simple recipe made a LOT of little eclair shells (45+). Then I made a pastry cream and lightened it with whipped cream. Chopped up some strawberries. Put it all together and VOILA. Actually, it was a lot of steps and took a while, but it was pretty easy and fun. I used white cupcake papers to make the eclairs easier to keep separate and easier to grab, and it looked kind of professional that way.

They taste like little, light strawberry shortcakes. Scrumptious.

Now, what do I make for the family? Something chocolate, I would imagine. I wonder if my old standby hot chocolate cake recipe would work with GF Flour? Hmmmmm. {YES it worked perfectly! I actually made 1/2 the recipe, since there are only 4 of us – I even wasted, which I hate doing, 1 egg white and half an egg yolk so that I could put in 1/2 an egg yolk. Girls were so surprised and very, very pleased. We love this cake.}

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